Monday, April 30, 2012

The Innovation Renaissance in China

I've been away from this blog for quite a few months as I've begun an exciting journey of innovation and IP strategy in China. Since 2011 I've been living in Shanghai, where I'm now Head of Intellectual Property for one of the world's largest and most rapidly growing forest products companies, Asia Pulp and Paper. Innovation and IP protection are becoming bywords of industry in China, even as the West continues to ignore China as a source of innovation. But the culture is shifting as the economy develops and as China's IP system matures, and the result is that copying is no longer going to bring lasting success. Innovation, backed with IP to protect one's competitive edge, is increasingly becoming the key for success in China.

China just became the world leader in the filing of patents. Yes, many have questionable quality, but there is a large body of high-quality IP being developed, manifest by the growing emphasis on internationally filed patents as well as Chinese patents. Heavy investment in Chinese R&D is also occurring, and China is now in the #2 position globally for published technical papers. The time of ignoring China's innovation and IP is ending, though some companies and nations are trying their best to keep their eyes closed.

More to follow.....