Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Silver Nanopartciles in an Antibacterial Film from ETH in Switzerland

The Functional Materials Laboratory Blog from ETH in Switzerland offers an interesting video featuring some of the work of a chemical engineer I met a few years ago, Dr. Wendelin Jan Stark. A calcium salt is heated with silver nanoparticles to form particles that are highly lethal to bacteria and capable of being applied to polymer films. Good synergy between the two components. Many interesting innovation opportunities.

The real reason I'm sharing this video from the Swiss TV channel, SF1, is that it has a delightful mix of High German and Swiss German in a single program. It begins with Swiss German, and later Dr. Stark also speaks Swiss German. Having spent two wonderful years in Switzerland, this was truly enjoyable. Hope you can appreciate the unique flavors of the two dialects, even if you don't speak German. The Swiss are rightfully proud of this "Erfindig us dr Schwiiz."


Sorry, this is in German/Swiss German only.

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