Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our Book Is Out: Conquering Innovation Fatigue, Published by John Wiley and Sons

I'm happy to announce that our book on innovation, intellectual asset strategy, and entrepreneurship is hot off the presses at John Wiley and Sons, the publisher that was my first choice for Conquering Innovation Fatigue. Cheryl Perkins, CEO of Innovationedge and named by BusinessWeek in 2006 as one of the world's "Top 25 Champions of Innovation," is a co-author, along with Mukund Karanjikar, an innovator who was with Chevron Energy Ventures when we began developing this book in 2006 and now is a consultant in Salt Lake City with Technology Holding LLC.

I just received my first printed copy of the book. It's so nice to have the tangible product in hand after this three-year journey leading to the book in print. Whew! Was much more challenging than I thought.

Conquering Innovation Fatigue focuses on the personal side of innovation and reveals the often unseen "innovation fatigue factors" that can shut down innovation. It's written for entrepreneurs, business leaders, inventors, and even government officials, showing these unseen and often unintended barriers and revealing how they can be overcome.

Throughout the book there is a focus on intangibles such as the trust between an innovator and an employer that can be easily destroyed through a variety of corporate actions, resulting in an invisible innovation killer. See our chapter on "Breaking the Will to Share." We give a plug for Value Network Analysis (with a hat tip to Verna Allee of and are informed by the VNA mindset in many of the issues we explore as we consider the personal side of innovation.